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With a dozen locations through the Phoenix valley to serve you including Glendale AZ, 1 Stop Title Loans has been serving the residence of Arizona for over a decade. We are always nearby and will provide the best service in town. You are on our 6505 N 59th Ave in Glendale location page.


Turn your Arizona Title into loan

As one of the industry’s leading car title loan, 1 Stop Title Loans offers a very unique type of loan for our clients. We will easily turn your Arizona title into instant cash, NO NEED TO WAIT LIKE WITH OTHER LENDERS . This is a one of its kind service aimed at Arizona residents. Please contact us for more details.

Any Vehicle Loan: Cars, RVs, SUVs, Motorcycles, Boats

With our service, getting your online car title loan is as easy as 1-2-3! Our application can be accessed and processed even from your mobile phone. We will instantly give you the loan you require with any type of car, SUV, motorcycle, boat, trucks and many more.

Did you know, that we are one of the few licensed lenders in Arizona?

Fast and Online

1Stop Title Loans like to make things easier and faster for our clients. We let you process your application online which usually takes few minutes and our customer service representatives are always standing by to quickly process your application, so that we can get you the cash you need as quickly as possible.

Near You

If a quick, reliable and secured online car title loan is what you are looking for, then you have come to the perfect place. We are not only based in Glendale, we have locations across the state. No matter where you are located, we are always near you.

Instant Cash

Everyone seek solutions to their financial situation and unexpected expenses, 1Stop Title Loans will gladly help you with the needed fund. With just your car title as collateral, we can give you up to $30,000 depending on your type of car and you still maintain possession of your car. Please, use your loan wisly

Registartion Loans

Our registration loan for Cars Trucks and SUVs, allows you to borrow money from the value of your vehicle. Please note that your registration loan is based on the value of your car, truck or SUV. You can get our registration loan even if you are still making payments on your car.

1Stop Title Loans Locations in Arizona

1 Stop Title Loans & 3rd Party MVD Locations

Current Location

1 Stop Money Centers and Title Loans
Business Hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm
6505 N. 59th Avenue Glendale AZ 85301
Phone: (480) 418-1641

Serving Area: Glendale, Arizona

Other Locations

1Stop Title Loans and MVS
11435 W Buckeye Rd Ste A103 MVS, Avondale, AZ, 85323
Fry's Shopping Center
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
4385 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ, 85308
44th & Bell Rd, Next to Fry's Gas Station
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
1625 N. 51st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85035
On 51st Ave. & McDowell
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
6650 W. Thomas, Phoenix, AZ, 85033
On 67th Ave. & Thomas
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
5036 W. Cactus Rd. #4, Glendale, AZ, 85304
On 51st Ave. & Cactus, inside Albertson's Shopping Centers
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
7011 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85021
On 19th Ave. & Glendale, Behind 7-Eleven
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
1501 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Next to Filiberto's
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
833 N. Cooper Road #101, Gilbert, AZ, 85233
On Cooper & Guadalupe
1 Stop Money Centers, Title Loans and MVS
940 N. Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ, 85224
Ray Rd. & Alma School, Goodwill Shopping Center


Are you aware that in Arizona, any point of time you are carrying cash equivalent to the value of your vehicle in your pocket? Don’t be surprised as this is what our car title loan does! The online title loan is short and sweet loan! Short because of its tenure and sweet because of its nature! Obtaining the credit has always been cumbersome but certainly not with us! When it comes to our vehicle title loans, we accept online applications which not only make it easier for us but also fasten the process for you.

Mechanism of car title loan

As a lender we think that it is our moral duty to explain you the details of car title loan. It is a loan which allows you to borrow the instant and hassle free cash equivalent to the worth of your car which includes motorcycle and truck too. The lien of the vehicle passes to the lender but when the loan is repaid then the lien are removed and title of the vehicle passes again to the owner of the vehicle. So basically it is loan against car title. But if the borrower defaults then the lender can repossess it. The loan is for very short period i.e., for almost a month. It is similar to the other loans except for one thing! Yes, you guessed it right! It is fast and easy!

More about car loans

The name of this loan is Car loan but its branches are spread across many non-liquid assets. Auto loan is the non-traditional and contemporary lending medium which helps you in gaining advantage of the money you have invested in expensive assets. Buying and owning non-liquid assets gives anybody relatively feeling of proud. But at times when you are in need of liquid cash then these assets can prove to be really frustrating! Here is one situation! You need a small amount of money as you are getting short on liquidity and you know that your car (may be Ferrari!) is worth ten times the money you need but you are unable to pull out the cash out of it! Our exotic car title loan is unique and is here to help you in getting rid of this unwanted frustration! There is a misconception in the air (and we don’t know who originated that!) that auto title loan is not for high value cars! We stick on our terms as described above! If you have a ‘car’ no matter it is big or small, we have ready loan for you! Our luxury car title loan will not only help you in getting maximum loan worth the value of the car but also enjoy fairly lower rate of interest. If you have invested in boat and want to get cash instantly by keeping boat as lien then our boat title loan will help you. Your boat might be in use for business purpose or may be sitting dockside without much use; in any case you can use it as collateral and enjoy short but flexible credits. Another leg of these loans lay in RV car title loans. With us it is possible to reap money to meet your needs by using your RV. RV, 5th wheel, motor home, hauler or trailer are some of the automobiles that qualify for this loan.

Credit score is secondary here!

It is one such loan which arise the hope for you to get easy credit without worrying about your credit score! In all other loans credit score is the first and prime factor but Size and availability of this loan depends upon following prime factors:

• Ability to repay the loan

• Amount of cash required

• Value of the vehicle Ability to repay the loan doesn’t mean that you need to be necessarily employed. If you have any source of income such as retirement income, unemployment, disability or any other source then you are eligible for this loan. But yes one prominent factor is that you should have the title of vehicle on your name to be eligible. It is an instant title cash loan online and therefore even if you don’t have bank account you can simply get it liquid!

Why car loan is simply incredible?

Here are some quick features which make this loan as special as your car is to you!

- Available at nominal rate of interest

- Period is quite bearable! You can repay it with your next salary!

- Easy to obtain! No hassles at all! If you think you are missing out your credit card payment or going short on short-term finances then we are here for you!

- Secured collateral! The term of these loans is quite short and therefore in this term there are very less chances of collateral getting devalued!

- No fees or penalties for early pay-offs! This means that if you have finances and want to get rid of your instalment then we are happy to accept early payments!

These ultimate features of this type of loan help us in providing you with low risk loan with astounding and satisfying terms!

Friend in need is a friend indeed!

Old adage though but fits here completely! You may think that assets at your home are non-liquid but they have potential to help you in times of need! In the time of emergency you can’t rush to bank and involve in cumbersome formalities of getting your loan approved! Emergencies happen and if you don’t have ready cash to meet the expenses then it will alleviate your financial stress further! This loan can be your true friend at any point of time. Why go for personal loan at exorbitant rate of interest when auto title loans can be pocket as well as time friendly. You enjoy full freedom to spend it anywhere! Unlike house loan we won’t say you to spend only on home! Pay your rentals, utilities, groceries, gas bills, medical expenses, auto repairs or anything! It’s your money completely! Do you already have loan with other company? This post can still be helpful! If you have auto loan with one of our competitors and you think that this post is not relevant for you! Then you may be wrong! We may help you in refinancing the loan and get the loan at lower rate of interest and that too for slight higher period! The period will increase as we will pay off your existing debt and provide you with fresh basic period to reuse the amount which basically means double benefit!

Never availed for car title loan?

If you have never availed any loan then we can understand that you may be skeptical about the title loan company before choosing one! It is very natural too! We have so many customers who never availed any loan in their tenure so far and were very confused as to where they should begin! They were not very comfortable in travelling from one bank to another down the street with no assurance of loan. if you also find yourself one of them then don’t worry as you have landed at absolutely safe and reliable place. We will help you in learning about the nature of title loan after listening to your exact requirements. We will provide a free quote and then it is up to you to decide whether you want to avail this facility or not. But we can assure that our quality terms will not let you deny!

How to get started? How can we help?

We mean what we say! Just upload the quick and basic details about your car on our portal with few pictures and we will email you the quote we have for your car/auto! You can do purely under the comforts of your home. Our experts will get over on call with you to get more details if required and find a location that works for you to settle the deal. We also have free loan calculator available on our portal which will help you getting a quick estimate of approximate value that you can get as loan. It is needless to mention but still to clarify in and out we think it’s worth mentioning! You can obtain vehicle title loan on your new as well as used car. The terms of loan clearly explain that loan amount would be dependent on the value/worth of car and therefore it is of least importance that you are trying to avail new or used car title loan!

The heartbeats of our operations lie in our extraordinarily reliable customer service. You just have to invest your one minute in filling our easy and quick application form and we will ease out the rest for you. This loan is like a lucrative option to make your non-liquid assets as liquid! Choose us with confidence and we assure that we will get the best deal on your plate. The financial options are very limited after bankruptcy but it is still possible to get loan and get back on your feet with our auto loan. Drive to us with your vehicle and proofs of its clean title empty handed and walk out with money. Everything is just a click away!